Web Design

Four bites

role ― web design & development

Four bites is a Fujian restaurant and coffee shop located in Central, Hong Kong. They combine art and culture to experiment with a new casual dining type. I created a menu-like website design according to their physical menu style in the store. and involved in the development part to help promote their restaurant concept and enhance their brand image.


role ― web design & development

Factiv is a Hong Kong-based biotech company dedicated to unleashing the potential of micro algae in the beauty industry. I helped them create a one-page design and development after the rebrand.

one millimeter

role ― web design & development

one millimeter is a creative studio that my partner and I established in 2018. Our studio aims to explore the possibility of life and relies on our expertise to assist clients to present their ideas vividly. We specialize in photography, graphic design, web design, and illustration.

The Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course (KSC) is the only public golf course in Hong Kong, located on the island of Kau Sai Chau off the coast of Sai Kung. The revamped website is more professional, fresh and emphatic so that users easily feel the characteristics of KSC. Use a lot of picturesque images to tell its unique story.

f22 foto space

role ― web design

f22 is a gallery in Hong Kong focusing on photo-art, emerging artists and contemporary design. The f22 foto space offers exhibition, a photo book shop, a camera boutique and a lovely café. Their website needed a redesign to enhance their brand identities and showcase their latest event. I adapted across the digital experience and be relevant to their wonderful interior style.


role ― web design

V2 Wellness Group is a clinic-like centre located in Hong Kong. They provide the best solution for activating and reviving the human body. I created a professional and high-end website based on their brand color black and white. In addition, I did art direction and worked with a photographer to develop a series of photos to bring out the V2 style to embellish the website.

Sun Hung Kei Properties

role ― web design

Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited is one of the largest property companies in Hong Kong. Participated to revamp their brand site and handle a lot of information to make it neat and easy to read. Wood color tones are warm and natural, often associated with dependability.